Schüleraustausch in England 2014

Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

On Wednesday morning we all met at school and traveled in groups to the airport. There we checked in and waited for a long time. The fl ight took us almost 2 hours andwe were very excited when we landed in London Heathrow. After a short bus trip we arrived in Thatcham.The families welcomed their students and drove with them home. My family, the Pearce family, was very nice.My exchange student‘s name is Isobel and she has one brother called Gareth.After dinner, Iwas sooooooooo tired and fell asleep soon.
Today was our fi rst day in school. It was very different and everybody watched us. Before the start the whole class met in a room and the tutor checked the list .Then  I had two lessons Geography and after a very long break we watched a big drama at school, a very creepy version of Romeo and Juliet. It was great. After a long day I was tired and slept well.
On the next day we made a big trip to Oxford. It was soooo incredible. First, we visited Christchurch College, where some scenes from Harry Potter were fi lmed. It was so beautiful and I smiled the whole time. After that we had lunch and went shopping. Then we visted an old museum. I took a lot of pictures. Later in the afternoon we went back home and had dinner with our families. It was an exciting day and I slept well.
Izzy, her mum, Lina, Ally and Ally‘s mum took the train to London with me. First we were in a funny museum, then  we saw incredible street performances in front of the London Eye. We ate in a restaurant and walked over the   Millenium bridge.Then we visited Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and finally the big market in Portobello Road in Notting Hill. That was great and we came home late.                                                                                                                       
In the morning we visited an old castle, after that we saw the Newbury horse racing course, which was really great. After that we went back home and just chilled. In the evening Izzy‘s grandparents from Wales visited us and we had a big dinner, after that we played cards.
On Monday morning we went to London again. First we went to Madame Tussaud‘s, that was really great. After that we made a sightseeing tour with a big red doubledecker bus. We saw a lot of things and learned much about London‘s history. Finally we visited the Tower and saw the Crown Jewels. In the end the day was great.
This was my second day at school. We got up very early because we had to travel there by bus - for one hour! We had Maths, History, P.E. and German - that was really funny. In the evening we had a nice dinner and watched the film “Frozen”.
We visited the big harbour in Portsmouth.That was really nice. We saw the Victory and other new or old ships. After that we had time to go shopping but most of us didn‘t want to. I spent two hours at the beach with my  friends and we ate ice-cream and took a lot of fun pictures. 
We went to Reading by train. We had full 4 hours for shopping. I was with Conny and Sveni (my friends) in a big shopping center. That was great. At 15:47 we had to take the train back but we got into the wrong one and the next stop was somewhere near the coast... From there we took the train back to Reading and from there to Thatcham. That was a very long day. On my last evening the whole family came again and said goodbye with a typical English dinner.
This was my last day at the Kennet School.I had two lessons Physics and then there was a big good-bye and I swear it was really hard to say good-bye to Izzy, her family and her friends. We went back to the airport by bus.There we waited a long time for our flight. The flight was great. And I was very happy to see my parents and my best friend again. The England Exchange was really wonderful and a good experience for me and the rest of the group.

Nina Klein


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